• Operating Specification for Solar Grid Connected Inverter by SUN INVENTION Solar Systeme


    1.1 Summarize

    The photovoltaic grid connected, inverter, use of sine wave advanced pulse-width modulation (SPWM) technology, the main circuit of Siemens IGBT modules for the Japanese Mitsubishi driver protection, high reliability, protection the whole, the advantages of small waveform distortion.

    1.2 Product Advantage

    (1) Three-level voltage converter technology.

    (2) Using IPM from Mitsubishi Company as the power components.

    (3) Using ATEMEL company microprocessor as figure controller.

    (4) Zero power consumpt at night.

    (5) Perfect protection and warning functions.

    (6) MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology.

    (7) Circuit frame compact, Maximum Effciency ≥95%.

    (8) Stainless steel shell with hermetic seal.

    (9) Multi selection : Low frequency transformer isolation type, transformer less type.

    (10) Four quadrant operation mode.

    (11) Communcation, multi-communication interface can be selected.

    (12) Pure sine wave output, automatically synchronized with the grid tracking, power factor close to 1. Current low harmonic content, non-polluting power grid, no impact.

    (13) Inverter current closed-loop control, power controllable.

    (14) Big screen English LCD, perfect display, interface-friendly.

    1.3 Use Notice

    This statement allows you to easily operate and maintain the system. Installed in the powe supply, use and maintenance manual must be in strict compliance with the following requirements and regulations related to power requirements.

    Be sure to read carefully before using this manual.

    (1) The equipment must be installed by professionals in order to avoid injuries to personal safety, the installation must be to ensure a good grounding.

    (2) Do not use in too high humidity or temperature, there are flammable gasses or volatile operating environment.

    (3) When all the switch off, do not open the machine cover, in order to avoid system voltage caused by the residual electric shock or damage to machinery.

    (4) To prohibit the use of overload, in order to avoid the inverter power failture.

    (5) Handle with care when handling machines.

    (6) Open the packaging, please count the annex, if find missing or damaged during transport, please contact a timely manner, you will be satisfied with the services.



    Figure 3 shows the inverter grid structure of the main circuit, the power to solar energy through photovoltaic components can be converted to DC, and then through the photovoltaic grid connected inverter converts DC power to a three-phase power, and through the filter into a sine wave voltage, after a capacitance into the power grid after the step-up.


    3.1 Appearance

    3.2 Panel Indicator Light and Button Operation Instructions

    Power Grid (GRID) Indicator : Power status indicators, lights, mean power grid normal.

    Input (DC) Indicator : Enter the DC instructions, lights, mean DC voltaage has reached the grid requirements.

    Run (RUN) LED : Power status are in work instructions, and lights mean conditions met power grid, the power grid has run.

    Overload (OVERLOAD) LED : Output overload protection instructions, lights, mean inverter overload protection.

    Fault (FAULT) Indicator : System fault indication.

    DATA : Data Query button, press the button for the local data view.

    STATE : the state of inquiry button, press the button to see a row of the machine status information.

    RESET : After a long troubleshooting system press the button to restart.

    SILENCER : System failure after a long press the button to eliminate the alarm.

    3.3 LCD Panel Display

    (1) Boot Display : Show boot 'grid connected inverter'

    (2) Standby Display : Show output current, frequency

    (3) Data Query (DATA) to display information :

      Display Properties Description

    Frequency Voltage

    000.0V    00HZ

    Show that the utility power grid voltage, frequency

    DC Voltage


    Show output DC voltage

    DC Current


    Show output DC current

    Output Current


    Show grid current

    Output Frequency


    Show grid frequency

    Inverter Frequency


    Show inverter frequency

    (4) Status Query to Display Information

      Display Properties Descriptions

    Voltage State :

    normal / error

    Show the situation of the public power grid, show when a voltage is too high or too low, frequency too high or too low

    DC Voltage :

    normal / error

    Can meet the requirement of Grid

    Show too low : too low -> protection

    Show too high : too high -> protection


    Inverter State :

    normal / error

    Inverter normal show normal

    System fault show error


    Local State :

    normal / error

    Show the power grid the size of output current situation

    Inverter Temperature

    normal / overheat protection

    Less than 85 degree show normal, more than 85 degree show over temperature protection



    4.1 Disconnect Bag Checkout

    Please check the packing whether is damaged before open it, and if there is obvious distortion packing, please immediately contact the vendor.

    Please check the sign of the equipment to confirm the device type, capacity, input voltage, output voltage whether it is for you purchase requirements, you can control the appearance of model specification in the model structure and confirm the content of descriptions.

    If missing or damaged during transport, please promptly contact the vendor.

    Please retain the packaging materials have been prepared by the future use of transportation.

    4.2 Install Condition

    In order to ensure good performance and long-term working life, choose the installation location of the system should pay attention to the following conditions to protect the system from damage :

    • sunshine irraidation (avoid use outside)
    • causticity gas and liquid
    • oil fog, slush water
    • salt fog
    • rainy, wet
    • dust of air or metal powder
    • engine impact, shake
    • high humidity
    • extreme cold and hot (which can be used by the appropriat ambient temperature range : -10°C-40°C)
    • electromagnetic noise (such as, welding machine, high power equipement)
    • radioactive material
    • flammable liquid

    4.3 Install Place

    • do not put on tilt place.
    • please put the device under well-ventilated place, away from the back and on both sides of at least 50cm above the wall to maintain the ven into the open.
    • avoid direct sunlight and rain or humidity
    • keep away from fire or heat source, to prevent excessive temperature
    • in front of the device must have sufficient space to operation
    • power cord to facilitate wiring, safe and reliable



    5.1 Connection

    External Interface Wiring Diagram :

    5.1.1 External Interface Description

    (1) PV+ : PV DC Cathode input

    (2) PV- : PV DC Anode input

    (3) L : GRID AC living wire output

    (4) N : GRID AC Null wire output

    (5) G : GRID ground wire

    (6) RS485 : RS485 Communication line output, a connector pin TX1, 3 feet then TX2

    Warning : Do not make the living wire and null wire connect in reverse, otherwise it will destroy the inverter.

    5.1.2 Connect Wiring Note

    (1) Ready to install before stripping pliers, tools such as multimeter.

    (2) For more information on the device matching input fuse or earth leakage protection switch, the power should be chosen to match the power of the current value.

    (3) The exchange of open space adjacent to disconnect power to ensure the receipt of the AC line terminals are not charged with a multimeter to confirm measurements. The exchange of output 'L' (with red shrink tube) connected to the grid corresponds to open space 'L, the exchange of output of the 'N' connected to the grid corresponds to open space 'N', and make sure that a solid connection.

    Warning : Make sure that fire the grid, zero-line zero-line do not tek anti-fire, or damage the equipment!

    (4) PV array open circuit voltage should not exceed the maximum open circuit voltage. Otherwise damage the equipment! Connection with a multimeter measuring the open circuit voltage of photovoltaic array.

    (5) DC disconnect circuit breaker to ensure the DC wiring is not charged with a multimeter to confirm positive and negative, photovoltaic array connected to the positive DC input '+', photovoltaic array connected to the negative DC input '-', and make sure that a solid connection.

    5.2 Equipment Operating Procedure

    First of all, confirmed DC positive, negative, and the fire grid access, zero is correct. The attention of DC voltage should not exceed 450V, AC line voltage must not exceed 265V, the situation for any loss caused by, the Company does not assume any warranty and jointly and severally liable. External AC circuit breaker closed, the normal power supply, liquid crystal display panel lights, external DC circuit breaker closed, DC voltage in normal circumstances, the power to determine whether to start with the network conditions, if the conditions are not met, the power is standby state, after the conditions are ripe, 10 seconds and the beginning of power generation network, the current fed into the public grid. Running process, the power control system will automatically determine the network conditions, without human intervention, the user can display the status LCD panel and the network to determine whether the normal operation of the inverter.


    Model BNSG-5KTL
    Rated AC Output Power 5000W
    Insulate Mode Transformerless
    Recommended PV Array Power 5500 Wp
    Maximum Open Circuit Voltage 780 DC
    MPPT Range 330-740V
    Can Access Array of Parallel Group 3 Groups
    Connecting Mode of Battery Board Water-Proof DIrect-Plug Terminals
    Maximum Efficiency 97%
    Europe Efficiency 96%
    Operating Range Utility 190V-270V
    Operating Range Utility Frequency 50Hz +- 2%
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <4%
    Power Factor >0.99
    Zero Power Consumpt At Night <0.5W
    Conmmunication Interfaces RS485
    Electrical Insulation Properties 1500Vac, 1 Minute
    Operation Surroundings Temperature -25-+60°C
    Operation Surroundings Humidity 0-95% No Condensing
    Protection Protection for input connecting contrary, input lack of voltage, output overload, output short circuit and overheat
    Cooling Mode Windy
    Noisy <60dB
    Waterproof and Dustproof Class IP65
    Size (LxWxHmm) 466x393x195
    Weight (kg) 20


    As our user, you enjoy the following services :

    (1) Five years free warranty.

    (2) Technical support.

    (3) Upon receipt of notification to respond within 24 hours.

    (4) The cost of maintenance for life.

    When you confirm the failure of equipment, please promptly notify our service department. To contact please provide equipment model, serial number and complete description of the problem.



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